Mainstage Serie

50W made for gain

Meet the MAINSTAGE SERIE 50W. This head were developed with musicians for several months to reach THE metal sound. With 2 different gain pots, you can choose very precisly the gain level of your sound. MAINSTAGE SERIE 50W has a very versatile 50W power section and a very progressive master control.


  1. Clean channel: very precise and accept any pedals you want

  2. Gain 1: From crunch to distortion

  3. Gain 2: All tube stages switched on, Let's play high gain !


Technical specifications:


50 Watts RMS
3 switchables channels (clean, G1 & G2)
Gain 1 controle for G1 channel

Gain 2 controle for G2 channel

Bass, Medium, Treble
Master volume,
4 x 12AX7 preamp tubes

2 x 6L6 poweramp tubes

2 x speaker outputs
FX Loop


Weight: 8 kg / 17,6 lbs

Size (mm): 467 x 210 x 180

Impedance selector and 2 outputs
3 switchable channels
2 different Gain modes
Power & standby switch
FX loop
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Mainstage Head 50W

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