"Let's feel the music of demons through our veins"

The Felon - June 6th 2006

FELON was born during a dry stormy night. 
While three friends were playing guitar, a mystery man knocked on the door..

He seemed to be crazy (and he actually clearly was).
But they invited him to join them.

During this gloomy night, the stranger sang unspeakable stories upon the guitar melodies. Murders, madness, dungeons and demons. 

At dawn, the players, finally got back home, not shocked but a bit scarred, actually.

The day after, when the came back to play, a piece of paper was on the table: it was an electronic  sketch... An amplifier one...

They followed the sketch. Plugged their guitar and, suddenly, felt the dark soul of the stranger..


They eventually created Felon twelve years after as a tribute to the misterious fool.


How does it feel ?


"I've never heard such a sound..."







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